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.works and musical projects

  • June 2024:

The Fusion/Metal band he co-founded with his brother, Asymmetric Universe, signs with "Inside Out Music", releasing a new single called "Don't Go Too Early".

  • October - November 2023:

Composer for "Suite della creazione". He is selected as a composer for next Symphonic Season of "Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo" to compose two symphonic compositions about the life of Maestro Michelangelo Pistoletto. "Assoluto_Relativo" directed by Vladimir Lande and "CentrArti" directed by Luigi Piovano.

  • May 2023:

European Tour with Asymmetric Universe.

  • April 2023:

  • December 2022 - ongoing:

Composition, orchestration and adaptive music techniques teacher at Event Horizon School, in Turin.

  • November 2021:

Composer for Rome Jazz Festival 2021. He composes “Shades”, a work for jazz ensemble and string quartet. The work is played live in occasion of:

Roma Jazz Festival @Auditorium Parco della Musica.

Veneto Jazz Festival @M9 (Mestre)

Visioninmsuica @Teatro Caio Melisso (Spoleto).

  • July 2021 – ongoing:

Bass player and arranger for Nico di Battista Jazz Trio.

  • June 2021 – March 2022:

Orchestral mockups and additional arrangements for indie game Path of the midnight sun by Studio Daimon

  • June 2021 – Sept 2021:

Composer and Audio Programmer for two indie games created by the students in Event Horizon School, in Turin (Underdogs and Shards of Destiny).

  • May 2021: 

Patch maker and beta tester for the library Preparato Double Bass by Xperimenta Project.

  • January 2021: 

Composer, Sound Designer and Audio Programmer for Global Game Jam 2021 with Event Horizon School in Turin: they together create A Beautiful Day. With the same team for Global Game Jam 2022 he is Composer and Sound Designer for the arcade game "Naroba".

  • January 2021 - ongoing : 

Teacher of Jazz Harmony and Composition for Voice Evolution System – VES.

  • Aug 2020 – Dec 2020:

Composer for many soundtracks for podcasts and short movies for RKH studio (Turin-Italy).

  • March 2020:

Composer and Orchestrator for ambience musics for the Italian Luna Park Mirabilandia.

  • April 2022 - May 2023:

Composer and Sound Designer for the indie game "Garden In!" developed by Dramatic Iceberg. The game is available for wishilist on Steam and on Nintendo Switch.

  • October 2022:

Producer for the live show "TuttoNulla" by Jack Sapienza and Andrea Dipa performed at "Bright Festival", Leipzig.

  • February 2020:

Composer for A felted man, a short movie directed by Jack Sapienza and Andrea Dipa.

The short movie is nominated in these competions:

CKF International Film Festival February 2020 (winning the 2nd place)

Oniros Film Awards (winning “Best Italian Short” prize)

Varese International Film Festival 

  • September 2019:

Arranges a Jingle for Radio Montecarlo.

  • March 2019:

Releases the first EP called When Reality Disarticulates by Asymmetric Universe, a fusion/metal project he founded with his brother which aims to incorporate different music genres.

  • January – May 2019:

Teacher of music theory, harmony and songwriting at the Turin’s seat of “Voice Evolution System – VES” academy. 

  • August 2017:

Additional music and orchestration for the musical A Christmas Carol produced by Bit Company. 

  • September 2016–ongoing:

Bass, music theory and harmony teacher in many music schools in the Turin province and online

  • February 2024:

Soundtrack Composer for a new TBA Videogame by 34BigThings.


Contemporary composition specialization with Andrea Portera at Scuola di Musica di Fiesole.

  • 2022 - ongoing 

  • 2021: 

Master in Contemporary Music Composition held by the Maestro Andrea Portera. With Portera, he explores the timbres and languages of contemporary music together with a psychological consideration of musical elements.

  • 2020 – 2021:

Master in Composition and Sound Design for Videogames held by Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, ending his studies with full marks (110 & L). Thanks to this master he also studies Audio Implementation in Unity and Unreal Engine (Fmod and Wwise).

  • 2019 – ongoing:

Counterpoint techniques and post-tonal harmony with Daniele Gottardo.

  • 2018 – 2020:

Jazz improvisation and jazz harmony with the international bass player Federico Malaman.​​

  • 2016 – 2018:

Jazz improvisation, jazz harmony and re-harmonization with Nico di Battista. In these years he also falls in love with classical harmony and orchestration. He begins therefore to study various classical manuals such as: “Harmony” by Walter Piston, “Twentieth-Century Harmony” by Vincent Persichetti, “The study of orchestration” by Samuel Adler and “Principles of Orchestration” by Rismsky-Korsakov.

  • 2015-2019:

Turin’s Philosophy University. He will get a degree in July 2019.

  • 2008:

Beginning of bass studies at the age of 12 with various private teachers learning quickly funk and jazz vocabulary.


Masterclass by Matteo Marciano (Audio Engineer for Hollywood films), on Audio Post Production for cinema.

Masterclass by Francesco Del Pia (Sound Designer for Cloud Imperium Games and The Chinese Room), on game audio and Sound Design.

Masterclass by Mychael Danna on music language for films.

Masterclass by Stefano Torchio (Really Slow Motion) on trailer music composition and production.

Masterclass by Federico Ascari on live rig and programming live sequences

Masterclass by Hadrien Feraud & Federico Malaman on jazz improvisation.

Masterclass by Steve Vai on tour life. 

Masterclass by Marco Minneman on polyrhythms.

  • 2021: 

  • 2021: 

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