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My first approach to music was actually through this wonderful instrument that I've never abandoned. I'm currently working on multiple projects as a bass player and arranger, with various jazz bands and progressive metal projects.

I'm also available for some bass and harmony lessons!

.asymmetric universe

My main instrumental project where I compose, arrange and play the bass.


European/UK Tour on May 2023 with Neobliviscaris and Persefone!

.private lessons

I’m scheduling again private lessons!

What can you study with me?

Bass guitar: from beginners to advanced techniques (such as: slap, double thump, double pluck, tapping,  legato, slap legato, palm muting, three fingers techniques), jazz improvvisation, jazz harmony, bass line arranging, rhythm awareness, left and right hand posture, general stamina improvement.

Harmony, Composition & Orchestration: modern harmony, jazz harmony, classical harmony, counterpoint applied to composition, orchestral instrumentation, orchestration techniques, progressive metal/avant-garde arrangement with jazz winds and strings, how to write music in general.

Contact me privately if interested, we can sort out an individual and ad hoc program!

.other bass contents

A virtual jam I did with the incredible drummer Anike Nilles.

Some parts of the first live gig with Nico Di Battista Trio, a Fusion project which mixes Flamenco sounds with Jazz sounds.

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