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Nicolò Vese - Studio 2021-1095600.jpg

Sound Design and Music are the same thing in a different perspective.I love to deal with both things in a project since I think that one can relate to the other in order to have a coherent blend of sound and timbres.

"Garden In" Sound Design and
Music Design

A short demonstration video of how I managed all the cozy sound assets (Foley, UI, Ambiences ecc...) and music design in "Garden In!". The game is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Foto 19-02-22, 16 14 04.jpg

"Garden In! Foley session"

little nightmare - re-sound design

A linear re-sound design of one of my favourite videogames. 

nicolò vese - orizzonti di hermes

Contemporary orchestration is also a kind of "organic sound design". As I'm specializing in contemporary music orchestration I'm a nerd of particular timbres and extended techniques of orchestral instruments.

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