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.nicolò vese
composer-sound designer bass player
.music showreel
.music for videogames

"Garden In!": composition, sound design and implementation. Out on Steam and on Nintendo Switch.

composition and implementation. play it clicking here.

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Other videogames soundtracks


currently teacher of composition, orchestration and FMOD implementation in Event Horizon School in Turin.

.music for films
A Felted Man (OST)Nicolò Vese
00:00 / 00:54

original soundtrack for a short movie.

click here to see it.

original soundtrack for a short movie still in production.

.music for theatres & concerts

original additional music for

"A Christmas Carol Musical".

"Assoluto_Relativo", symphonic composition premiere.

Full video here


symphonic composition premiere.

Full video here

"Pleine Lune"

Original orchestral composition, composed in a single inspired night. (Orchestral Mockup)


live jazz big band for

"Rome Jazz Festival

.other works
About Me
.about me
Hi people! I’m Nicolò, a composer, orchestrator and bass player from Italy. I’ve always been keen on music composition for either films and videogams (I graduated with full marks in music composition for videogames at Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome) and also, obviously, for concert music (I composed two contemporary symphonic composition for Orchestra Sinfonica of Sanremo)! I'm currently teacher of composition for Event Horizon School, in Turin. Long story short, I’m a music nerd <3 I love harmony, strange orchestrations and working with other people to build a common idea which then becomes art in various forms. I can’t wait to work with you in your projects and helping you translating your vision into sound.
If you’re a curious person, then you can check out my full curriculum here!

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